24 Channels Digital Mixing Console

●10″ resistive touch screen 1080×800 resolution.
●With built-in USB recording and playback functions.
●Support playback of APE, FLAC, MP3, WAV lossless audio formats.
●With built-in 16-channel independent feedback suppressors.
●Support iPad touch screen full-featured control, and real-time data synchronization.
●With optional WIFI hotspot.
●Support 8 terminals to control simultaneously.
●With 4-band parametric EQ, noise gate, feedback suppressor, high and low pass, compressor,and inverter for each input channel.
●With 8-band parametric EQ, high and low pass, compressor, and inverter for each output channel.
●With output channels: L/R, 6 BUS, 2 AUX, HeadPhone(L/R).
●Can select pre-fader or post-fader (PRE/POST) for 10 BUS
●Support 32 PEQ modes storage.
●With built-in signal generator: sine wave, pink noise, white noise.

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24 Channels Digital Mixing Console”

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