Digital Mixing Console

The CM32 Digital Mixing Console is effectively integrated with innovative design and powerful DSP functions, bringing users a very professional functional experience. It adopts the ARM Processor to drive the touch screen display and interface and the Linux System for stable and efficient operation. Electric faders are standard on digital mixing consoles, providing instant control of all channels and main outputs in a compact space: 1 LR main channel fader, 16 channel faders, and 4 fader layers for easy and fast switching.

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CM32 Digital Mixing Console:
● 10″ resistive touch screen 1280×800 resolution.
● 17 100mm electric faders.
● Can switch between Chinese and English interfaces at any time without a reboot.
● With built-in USB recording and playback functions.
● Support playback of APE, FLAC, MP3, and WAV lossless audio formats.
● Can recognize Chinese song names with the USB player.
● With built-in 16-channel independent feedback suppressors.


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